Howard Russia Law Office is ready to provide comprehensive legal support in all areas of antitrust regulation.

Antitrust practice with Howard Russia is:

  • Top quality services;
  • Top places in Russian ratings of law firms;
  • More than 450 cases won, the share of cases won exceeding 89%;
  • More than 350 cases settled out of court;
  • The total amount of our clients’ funds protected in the Arbitration Court exceeds 15 bln;
  • More than 40 court lawyers;
  • Full reporting on the status of your cases.

Our lawyers will provide you with full support of the consideration of cases in antitrust authorities and support of court dispute with the antitrust authorities, as well as consulting in the field of antitrust regulation.

Howard Russia’s key antitrust practice services are:

  • Conducting antitrust cases with the Federal Antitrust Service of Russia and territorial administrations;
  • Consulting in the field of organizing and holding tenders;
  • Preventing the inclusion of unfair suppliers into the Register. Exclusion them from the Registry;
  • Support in case of violating the advertising laws;
  • Support in case of violating the competition protection laws;
  • Conducting internal audits of compliance with antitrust laws;
  • Legal support of transactions requiring mandatory approval by the Federal Antitrust Service;
  • Assistance to participants and organizers of tenders, including on issues of public procurement;
  • Disputes about violations in the organization of tenders that require legal support.

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