For 9 years of work, we have achieved significant success in protecting the interests of both plaintiffs and defendants in the Arbitration Courts of all levels.

Arbitration practice with Ховард Раша is:

  • Protection of your interests in the Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation at all levels and in the International Commercial Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation;
  • Top quality services;
  • Top places in Russian ratings of law firms;
  • More than 450 cases won, the share of cases won exceeding 89%;
  • More than 350 cases settled out of court;
  • The total amount of our clients’ funds protected in the Arbitration Court exceeds 15 bln;
  • More than 40 court lawyers;
  • Full reporting on the status of your cases.

Our lawyers will provide you both with full support at all stages of proceedings, as well as support in the preparation of lawsuits and complaints.

To protect your interests in the Arbitration Courts, we are ready to offer you the following:

  • Settlement of disputes out of court:
    • Holding negotiations on an amicable settlement of the dispute;
    • Preparing and submitting a statement of claim/statement of defense;
    • Agreeing upon the terms of the amicable settlement with the parties to the dispute;
    • Preparing the draft of an amicable settlement agreement;
  • Consulting on the preparation and submission of documents to the arbitration court:
    • Analyzing the Client’s current situation; expert examination of documents; providing recommendations on the possibility of resolving the dispute in the Arbitration Court;
    • Drafting statements of claim;
    • Preparing statements of defense or counter-claims;
  • Dispute resolution in arbitration courts of first appeal and cassation instance as well as in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation:
    • Drafting the statement of claim/statement of defense and annexes thereto;
    • Submitting the statement of claim/statement of defense;
    • Participating in the preliminary court hearing on the case;
    • Preparing and submitting of petitions, statements, objections, explanations, statements of defense to the Arbitration Court; reviewing the case documents, etc.
    • Participating in the court hearing on the case in the Arbitration Court;
    • Obtaining copies of judicial acts;
    • Drafting an appeal against a court decision;
  • Enforcement of court decisions:
    • Preparing an application for issuing a writ of execution;
    • Obtaining a writ of execution;
    • Measures aimed at finding the debtor’s property: sending a request referral to the Federal Tax Service on the existence of the debtor’s open bank accounts;
    • Sending the writ of execution to the bank/ the Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation (if cash collection is impossible, filing an application for initiating enforcement proceedings);
    • Monitoring the actions of bailiffs in enforcement proceedings;
    • Participating in enforcement activities together with bailiffs;
    • Appeal against the bailiff’s actions/inaction;
    • Dispute of transactions concluded by the debtor to withdraw or conceal his or her property.

Types of arbitration disputes we have succeeded in:

  • commercial disputes;
  • disputes involving monopolies, government agencies, and state corporations;
  • corporate disputes;
  • disputes on goodwill protection;
  • intellectual property rights disputes;
  • investment, tax and antitrust disputes;
  • disputes related to debt collection and bond defaults;
  • other types of disputes.

The industries we are working in:

  • Automotive industry;
  • Hotel business;
  • Public sector;
  • Timber industry and agribusiness;
  • Media, entertainment, and sports;
  • Real estate;
  • Industrial production;
  • Retail;
  • Insurance;
  • Construction;
  • Telecom;
  • Technology
  • Transport;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Power industry.

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