We will help you to avoid problems with regulatory authorities and will protect you from unexpected fines or more serious sanctions.

Tax Practice with Ховард Раша is:

  • Top quality services;
  • Top places in Russian ratings of law firms;
  • More than 450 cases won, the share of cases won exceeding 89%;
  • More than 350 cases settled out of court;
  • The total amount of our clients’ funds protected in the Arbitration Court exceeds 15 bln;
  • More than 40 court lawyers;
  • Full reporting on the status of your cases.

Ховард Раша key tax practice services are:

  • Legal support of desk and field tax audits;
  • Supporting the tax aspects of real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures;
  • Representing clients in disputes with tax authorities; refunding VAT and overpaid taxes;
  • Legal support of foreign investors in the field of taxation;
  • Tax optimization of transfer pricing;
  • Appealing against actions (inaction) of tax authorities in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings;
  • Advising individuals and legal entities on applying tax laws;
  • Advising on capital amnesty; mutual exchange of financial information; laws on controlled foreign companies;
  • Advising on compliance with currency laws and submission of mandatory reports on foreign accounts;
  • Consulting on obtaining tax credits.

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